Digitally Dramatized: Video Plays for the New World

Post-Industrial Productions is developing a virtual performance series featuring new 10-minute plays written specifically for the video conferencing medium. We’ve dubbed this series Digitally Dramatized: Video Plays for the New World.

Our Vision

Video calls and conferencing have quickly become an integral part of our daily experience for school, work, socializing, and keeping in touch with loved ones. We seek to explore how these technologies are changing our lives, and what challenges and opportunities they have presented us.

PIP has commissioned 9 playwrights from across the country to craft short plays that explore these concepts in completely different ways. These 9 new pieces will be performed live for a virtual audience over the course of 3 performance dates in October and November on the Facebook Live platform.

Digitally Dramatized Performance Dates

October 23, 2020

7:30pm  |  View Facebook Event

November 6, 2020

7:30pm  |  View Facebook Event

November 20, 2020

7:30pm  |  View Facebook Event


Meet The Playwrights

Digitally Dramatized is 100% Donation-Supported

We want the work of our talented creative team to be enjoyed by as wide of an audience as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to forgo ticketing or other barriers to entry in favor of 100% donation-supported virtual events. Our generous donors make innovative theatrical experiences like this possible, so please consider making a donation!