After The Fall

SYNOPSIS: AFTER THE FALL is Arthur Miller’s controversial semiautobiographical work that shocked audiences when it premiered in 1964. Forefront to the action of the play is Miller’s lasting guilt that he was responsible for the failure of his marriage with Marilyn Monroe and her untimely death. Miller’s protagonist Quentin grapples with the human dilemma of interpersonal culpability, that one’s actions can be responsible for the fate of another. This memory play uses the historical backdrops of post-World War II America and the age of McCarthyism to explore Quentin’s existential question that, in a world full of cruelty, how can anyone forge meaningful and lasting relationships?

Full Cast and Crew


Quentin: Darryl Hart
Maggie: Bethany Burrows
Louise: Katherine Parker
Holga: Amanda Vink
Mother/Others: Kathleen Rooney
Father/Others: Brendan Cunningham
Lou/Dan/Others: Elliot Fox
Mickey/Others: Alex Rubin
Elsie/Others: Jessica Leigh Tokarski
Felice/Others: Bekki Sliwa


Director: Bob Van Valin
Assistant Director/Dramaturg
: Andrea Gollhardt
Video/Sound Designer: Bob Van Valin
Set Designer: John F Kennedy
Costume Designer: Brenna Prather
Lighting Designer: Kurt Schneiderman
Poster Design: Josh Robinson


*A Co-Production with The Subversive Theatre Collective

Dates: March 15-April 6, 2019
Venue: Manny Fried Playhouse
255 Great Arrow Ave, Third Floor
Buffalo, NY 14207

: Buffalo Artie Awards 2019, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play – Bethany Burrows
Awards: Buffalo Spree The Best of WNY 2019, Best Actress – Bethany Burrows