A Snowflake’s Chance In Hell

Post-Industrial Productions is excited to announce the debut of a new play by Buffalo playwright Winifred Storms that will be available to stream on-demand for a virtual audience.


Three bright young minds are brought together virtually by a mysterious man to brainstorm innovative solutions to a mysterious problem. Who is going crack the code? The conservative, business-minded Texan? The market-savvy social media influencer? Or the scientifically-minded know-it-all? They’ll have to think outside the box from their tiny box on a computer screen. And there’s no saying how long it could take…

Stream The Performance On-Demand

Streaming is available for 48 hours once a ticket is purchased. Presale tickets will gain access beginning on September 17th.

STREAMING: September 17th – October 19th*

*Ticket sales end October 17th at 10:00 PM.

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